Initially, Metropolis were solely bootlegging old disco tunes. More recently though, they are likened to the Sharp boys due to their advancement to a more up-beat style. They apply this 'underground' edge to licensed remix work for artists such as Lovestation (alongside Joey Negro) and Olive.

With the success of 'Modjo - Lady' and 'Stardust - Music sounds better', their sound is bigger than ever. With their music now appreciated by a whole new audience, you will be hearing a lot more from them.

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Mixes include: -

Teardrops Lovestation (Remix/Fresh Records)
Turn it up DJ Gary Gamble (Remix)
Downside Up Metropolis (White Label)
Don't Stop Lovin' Metropolis (White Label)


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Turn it up DJ metropolis mix
Downside Up original mix
Teardrops metropolis mix
Don't Stop Lovin' original mix

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